Arabic bozza and ice cream are memorable treat for everyone

Different names of Ice cream and its ingredients

Arabic bozza and ice cream in general are the most popular types of dessert, and the lovers of ice cream from all ages enjoy this amazing test and flavors all over the world. Ice cream has different names which are called on these frozen foods which made from dairy products such as milk and cream, in addition to fruits flavors, and chilled with ice. Their names vary between ice cream in the western countries, Arabic bozza in the Arab countries, Dondurma in Turkey and the Persian version called Bastani. And it considered a fun and delicious kind of food, and characterized with distinctive colors and multiple flavors.

The kinds of ice cream

The kinds of ice cream vary across countries, and we use phrases such as “frozen custard”, and “frozen yogurt” and “gelato” to distinguish between the different kinds and styles of ice cream. The Arabic ice cream with pistachio is a landmark in the Syrian capital, serving the Arab world’s most famous ice cream since 1895. Manually churned with wooden paddles, loaded with milk, sugar and a generous coating of pistachio. Arabic ice cream became very famous in Qatar and the GCC in general, and all over the world. Ice cream is known in Argentina as Helado and gelato in Italy.

Childhood memories with ice cream

While your favorite cup of ice cream may be associated with childhood memories of happiness and carefree living. The children are the most people who love ice cream especially in the summer. Associated with distinguished memories of childhood, vacation time, holidays and the joy of summer. Also it considered the perfect sweetener that accompanies children in all times of playing with their friends and at parties. Children enjoy flavors of delicious Arabic ice cream which give a sense of freshness. Arabic ice cream with pistachio is memorable treat for all the lovers of this dessert.

The artistic ways of presenting ice cream

Arabic ice cream is served in dishes or biscuits cones, and decorated with pistachio, sesame, coconut and almonds which are added according to the desire of connoisseurs, along with small pieces of fresh fruit and nuts. In other hand, ice cream is served with different flavors in plastic cans, biscuits cones or glass cups so children, young and old people can enjoy this delicious dessert.