Ice cream between the East and the West

The beginnings of the ice cream

Ice cream appeared for the first time in the eighth century BC in ancient Greece, Where the ancient Greeks ate ice blended with honey and fruits in the markets of Athens. And approximately 200 years BC, the Chinese used to have a frozen mixture of milk and rice. Also the kings of the Persians around 400 BC used to have chilled food made of rose water, snow or a mixture with saffron and fruits.  On the other hand, the Italian was the first in Europe who started mixing the milk with ice, which was limited to royal families at the time. Then “Cream Ice” as it was called, appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century. France was introduced to similar frozen desserts in 1553 by the Italian Catherine de Medici when she became the wife of Henry II of France. It wasn’t until 1660 that ice cream was made available to the general public

The Arabic ice cream with pistachio first appearance

The Arabic ice cream with pistachio appeared for the first time in Damascus in the nineteenth century, this industry began at the hands of lemon chilled makers, which was a mixture between lemon juice and mountains snow. And at the end of the nineteenth century, they started to add Orchid with milk and sugar to the lemon chilled in order to make a thick mixture, and then they pour this mixture in a barrel inside other barrel full with ice and salt, and they add the natural fruit flavors to it, then they begin hitting it with wooden sticks to increase the intensity and cohesion. In the thirties of the last century, the Syrians developed this industry by adding mastic to become thicker, in addition to rose water to give it a distinctive flavor. And from here the industry of Arabic ice cream began in the shape that we know nowadays.

The Modern industry of ice cream

The industry of ice cream flourished at present all over the world, and it varied from country to country. However, it remained similar in shape and color; also it varies in terms of quality and flavor. Some of these companies turned to the promotional industry of ice cream, so they added the colored material but with preserving on the healthy food standards, the result was a mixture of ice, sugar and manufacturer fruits or chocolate and milk, and it characterized by multiple colors and shapes. On the other hand, a lot of companies preserved to provide the classical form of Arabic ice cream with pistachio, and their natural flavors, as well as they maintained on making it by the traditional ways.  And it has introduced many innovative flavors in addition to the original flavors. And it was necessary for the manufacture of ice cream to benefit from some specialized modern machinery to facilitate its work and in order to develop it in terms of quality and quantity.

The industry of Arabic ice cream with pistachio in Qatar

Recently, the Arabic ice cream with pistachio became very popular in Qatar and the GCC in general, where the Arabic ice cream industry flourished in the modern and traditional ways. Qatar has achieved a great progress in all fields of industry and commerce but the ice cream industry has maintained its Syrian originality and quality, where we provide the classic flavors of the rich variety of Arabic ice cream with nuts, In addition to that we have created a many distinguished and new flavors. We have ensured as a leader of the food industry in Qatar to be part of your taste to offer you the finest and most delicious flavors of Arabic ice cream decorated with pistachio.