Traditional Arabic Ice Cream with pistachio is a Syrian art with special flavor

An overview of Traditional Arabic Ice Cream

The Levant is full of old crafts of food and beverages, and The Traditional Arabic Ice Cream with pistachio which is prepared manually considered one of these beautiful crafts.Arabic ice cream with pistachio which appeared for the first time in the world from Damascus the capital of Syria, and then it spread out in various capitals of the world by Syrian travelers and immigrants, and it became a very famous dessert because of its lovely flavor and the wonderful taste. The Arabic ice cream industry is one of old Damascus traditional crafts which rely on a flexible method of hand percussion, which gives it an exceptional flavor. And the preparation of Arabic ice cream doesn’t only depend on cooking and freezing, but it looks like a beautiful painting which is rich with details that make the essential character of the delicious taste of ice cream.

How to make the Arabic ice cream with pistachio

The Arabic ice cream is an elastic, sticky, high level melt resistant ice cream, decorated with pistachio; it’s made from natural materials such as milk and fresh cream, salep from the mountains, mastic, rose water and with different fruit flavors, in addition to pistachio and different kinds of nuts. Chewy ice cream requires hard work, the preparation process began with putting a sufficient quantity of salt and ice cubes in a huge barrel, and then we pour the boiling milk in a separate barrel with a little amount of corn flour to be thin textures mixture blend. After that, we put the milk barrel inside the ice and salt barrel to freeze the mixture in short time.This is followed by a manual process of knocking, which depends on the arms of workers who are knocking iced material with special sticks inside the constantly spinning barrel. The knocking process is the secret behind distinctive flavor of Arabic ice cream. Then, we decorate it with pistachio and almond.

The Arabic ice cream with pistachio in Qatar

The Arabic ice cream is one of the most delicious summer desserts, and it’s the best accompany everywhere we go. A lot of ice cream lovers in Qatar enjoy eating it in winter as much as they like it in summer because of the high temperatures over year. The children and adults enjoy the most delicious flavors that characterized the Arabic ice cream. The delicious flavors varied between the fresh strawberries, wonderful chocolate flavor, vanilla, the traditional flavor of mastic, in addition to various natural fruit flavors.

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